Flashlight Books Opens in Walnut Creek

December 17, 2018

A new Indie bookstore has moved into the neighborhood!  Located at 1537 North Main Street.  Signed copies of Jill Hedgecock’s Rhino in the Room are now available there!


Check out their website:


Rhino in the Room on Killer Christmans Gift Book List

December 2, 2018

So honored to have my novel, Rhino in the Room, featured on this list.  It makes an ideal holiday present for:

Cover Reveal: Rhino in the Room

June 15, 2018
Cover Reveal. This rhino image is an original oil painting by Napa artist Anne Pentland (www.apentland.com) Stunning, isn’t it? Shout out to Andrew Benzie of Andrew Benzie Books (http://www.andrewbenziebooks.com)for the cover design.
The last place seventeen-year-old potential fashion designer, Claire, wants to go is on an African safari with her father. Her discovery of his extramarital affair has unleashed in her a tidal wave of anger towards him. Claire’s safari experience improves after meeting Junior, a handsome young guide. But when she breaks a critical game-drive rule, Claire and her father are pulled into the crosshairs of armed rhino poachers. Can Claire and her dad overcome their broken relationship to save their lives and save the last two black rhinos from extinction?
Novel to be released by Goshawk Press. The launch date is pending. frontfnl.jpg

September BookEnds Column and Elephant Tourism article

August 29, 2017


See page 11 for my BookEnds column review of The Zookeeper’s Wife and an article about ethical tourism with elephants on page 3.


August BookEnds Review and Panelist Announcement

August 7, 2017

My review of Chevy Steven’s Still Missing can be found on page 10 and the flyer on the So You Want to Write a Book event where I’ll be serving as a panelist is on page 6. I hope local aspiring novelists will come out to this event on Saturday, September 23rd at 1:30 at the San Ramon Library.

May 2017 BookEnds Column: A Review of The Elephant Whisper

May 2, 2017

My review can be found on page 4.

Origin of the word, “School”

April 27, 2017

Thanks for your insights last evening.  In answer to our robust speculations, I looked up the derivatives of our modern word “school (of fish)” and here is what I found: “A group or SCHOOL of fish is said to derive from Middle Low German schole (troop), from Germanic skulo (a division).”  As opposed to the Greco-Latin origin of the word, “SCHOOL (of learning)”: “Old English scōl, scolu, via Latin from Greek skholē ‘leisure, philosophy, place where lectures are given,’ reinforced in Middle English by Old French escole”.


So, there is only a spelling/pronunciation connection between the two meanings.  The words just happened to become identical spellings in modern English.