Fran Cain

With nothing more than a pencil and paper, you (yes, you) can create a story from literally nothing more than the spark of imagination. Perhaps the story is fact or based on fact. It can be the silliest comedy or wildest science fiction.  Material can come from within or from history; first-hand accounts or witnessed.  It can be hearsay, overheard or ripped from the headlines.  If no paper and pencils are handy, a story can be told aloud; and retold.  Tell a story to a toddler, making them the star, and watch their eyes light up as they see in their mind’s eye the vivid primary color pictures you are creating.

Each word is crafted to fit together with the next to form a meaning: nouns, pronouns, verbs and all the other parts.  Edit and rearrange the words to make thoughts come alive for the reader.  A little nip here, a little tuck there.

Your readers will fall in love, feel sorrow, pain or joy, all through the eyes of the writer–you.


Fran Cain recently retired from the field of Information Technology managing a brilliant team of technicians, administrators and engineers in order to join the “real world” of writing and art.  She is devoted to her loving, supportive husband who is her constant companion.  Her hobbies are seeing the world, hiking, painting, bike riding, reading, and of course writing.  She is a member of the California Writers Club and Writers on the Journey.  She has written several short stories and is working on her first novel.

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