Gratuious Sex, Gratuitous Violence, Gratuitous Dialogue?

I’ve noticed gratuitous sex and gratuitous violence in both visual media and in novels. Now, the new television show, Touch, has got me wondering is there such a thing as gratuitous dialogue? During a recent episode, I grew weary watching Kiefer Sutherland run after his mute son screaming, “Jake” because it was clear the kid wasn’t going to stop. In this same episode, Dad had to point out the obvious that the two women we’d just watched an adult afflicted with the same numbers “gift” following were going into the same building. I had the sense the screenwriters felt they needed to explain. And then there was the scene where the son looks at Dad and Sutherland announces that his dead wife’s friend must go after his son.

Rather than use dialogue, why not follow the age-old rule of thumb: Show don’t tell? I am still a fan of this show. I am still a big Kiefer Sutherland fan.  I love the well-written openings of each episode. But I wish they’d give viewers a little more credit and lose the gratuitous dialogue.


One Response to Gratuious Sex, Gratuitous Violence, Gratuitous Dialogue?

  1. Bonnie Lawrence says:

    I just can’t handle the multitude of times Kiefer Sutherland yells, “Jake.” I’d lay odds that 90% of Sutherland’s dialogue could be dubbed by the newest of actors yelling, “Jake!” in frustration, anger, concern, joy, agitation, confusion. You name it, Sutherland has had to express it in just one word, “Jake!” Grrrrr

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