Best Writing Season or Weather

What’s the best weather for writing?

Winter – Here in Northern California, the sun goes down at 4:45 p.m. in mid-winter.  That makes it dark, really dark, by 5 p.m.  I stayed home to avoid the dark and cold.  Then, there was this year’s prolific, over abundant winter rains.  Forced to stay indoors, one would think I’d have produced enough writing to fill up an eight-gig Cruzer thumb drive.  Did I?  No.  Mildew, I reasoned, would crawl over me if I sat in one place too long.  Instead of writing, I paced through our home with my light halo perched on my head like Luke Skywalker’s Light Sabre.  While I fought my Seasonal Affective Disorder, I muttered nasty comments about the cold, the rain, the dark, and the sagging world economy.

Spring – At long last, the weather is nice.  Flowers bloom and tree bud out.  The sun shines throughout longer and longer days.  Who wants to sit inside when the outdoors is beautiful?  If I sit in front of my laptop for more than ten minutes, my imagination strays to what was going on in my garden – none of it good.  Snails and slugs munch on my colorful tulips, weeds connive to overtake my flowerbeds, and rosebushes conspire to develop early curly leaf.  No time to stay indoors.

Summer – Our mild summers are the envy of all.  So nice to be in the bone-warming daytime sunshine while mild evening breezes promise easy sleep without the drone of air conditioning.  The barbeque pit begs for flaming, deck furniture whines for frequent use, and the multi-colored variety of blooming flowers plead for a lawn party.  Who wants to sit in front of the computer to write while the sun shines, and the long, warm twilight promises romance?

Fall – Green leaves change to riots of vivid colors, then drift to the ground.  While the weather turns colder, another academic year begins, football season starts, and plans for upcoming holidays are made.  What costume will I have for Halloween?  Who will host Thanksgiving dinner this year?  Where will we spend Christmas?  A good time to write?  No.  A new TV season, football games, and unscheduled couch-naps in front of a low burning fireplace take priority.

I have no idea which weather stimulates my writing.  The best time for me to write is when my lesser Greek Muse, Moussaka, lunges into my office, shuts the door, closes the blinds, disables the television remote control, and adds blocks to my email, Facebook, breaking news, weather, financial reports, and my no-cost casino games.  Unfortunately, Muse Moussaka has been conspicuously absent lo these many months.  I believe she is either in the Intensive Care Unit in the foothills of Mount Olympus with a yet-to-be-identified muse disease, or her ability to communicate with me has been severely compromised by this year’s extreme solar flares that resulted in an overabundance of alpha particles.

What is your best writing season or weather?  Cold?  Warm?  Rainy?

5 Responses to Best Writing Season or Weather

  1. chs says:

    LOL! Too funny, Susan. I think your Greek Muse Moussaka is out to lunch with my mine. Perhaps we need a new one. Ouzo?

    My best writing season? KIS – Kids In School

  2. Fran Cain says:

    Whatever the weather when you wrote this must have been just right!!

  3. I agree with Fran. This post was way to fun. Your muse was perched on your shoulder and shining down like a warm summer day.

    As for me, my muse doesn’t care about weather. She is evil and wakes me up in the middle of the night with fabulous ideas and prose. If I ignore her in favor of sleep, she whips her grand ideas into inaccessible areas of my brain when I awake in the morning. Evilness!

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