Worth Rereading?

So many great books have been written that I have yet to discover. So the idea of spending my limited available free time rereading a story holds little appeal.  I’m of the ilk: been there, done that.  Give me a fresh character, a new impossible situation, give me the latest bestseller, give me more, better, different. 

To rid myself of this self-imposed prejudice, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to read at least five classics.  Now, old habits die hard, so I did not specify that the classic necessarily had to be one I’d already read.   But as I rifled through the list of classics and I pondered whether to reread one or dive into  a novel I’d missed, it got me to thinking, when is a book worth rereading? 

I’m sure there are those that reread books on a regular basis for the sheer joy of reacquaintance, like visiting an old friend.  For me,  only a few suitable reasons exist:

1).  The book is part of a multi-part series that I never finished.  I want to complete the set, but it has been so long since I’ve read the previous books that I’ve forgotten key story elements or characters.

2).  I read the book a long time ago ( in high school) and know that I will have a different experience this time around because I am more mature and worldly (in theory at least).

3).  I went to see the movie adaptation and now want to compare the storyline to the book (even so I may just skim the novel).

4).  My daughter is reading the book and I want to discuss it with her.

5).  It is one of my favorite books, I need a books on CD for the car, and there is nothing on the library shelves that I haven’t read that hold any appeal. 

Do you reread books?  If so, why?  If not, why not?


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