Taming My Dragon


Because Mr. James Dalessandro, author of “1906,” so recommended it, I set out to buy myself a Dragon.  No, not the kind of Dragon that breathes fire, nor the kind of Dragon that tried to destroy dear Harry Potter.  This one is only available at electronics stores.  It’s a dictation devise for computers.

For my installation, I waited for a cold, sunny day – the cold to keep me indoors, and the sunshine to add to my ready-for-anything optimism.  I installed the program and began to follow the instructions with briming optimism.  I even dictated a piece about our Maracaibo maids for my book.

What’s this, I asked as I looked over what I had dictated.  The formatting  was off.  There  were no indents and the paragraphs  were not doublespaced.  How do I go about fixing this?

Still optimistic and now determined (the hopeless romantic I am), I began searching through Dragon’s infinite amount of information to find answers.  They weren’t forthcoming, but I was still hopefull.  After all, how much more difficult could it be?

Today is a rainy and cold day.  I decided this was the perfect opportunity for me to work out the kinks between me and my Dragon. I began immediately after lunch and I read, reread and re-re-read information and multiple Dragon help tips.  It’s well into the dinner hour now.  Here I still sit in front of my laptop.  The only things I can make my Dragon do successfully is turn the microphone on and off and take straight dictation.  Still no double spaced paragraphs and no indents.  When I say “paragraph,” all my Dragon does is type the word paragraph.  Now I have a headache and my eyes are twirling around in opposite directions.  Either I can’t do Dragon-speak clearly, or I have the dumbest Dragon on earth.

For anyone out there thinking of buying their own Dragon, let me give you a piece of free advice:  When you buy your Dragon, buy a big bottle of aspirin at the same time.  Either that, or a bottle of Wild Turkey.

You are going to need it, honey.




3 Responses to Taming My Dragon

  1. chs says:

    Oh dear. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with Dragon. You might try posting a question to the CWC Backfence. I know that others in the club have used Dragon. Maybe one of them could help?

  2. Draw forth your sword and slay it! If that doesn’t work, hire a teen. They can figure out any gadget.

  3. Joan Tarr says:

    How brave you are, dear maiden! While I am still struggling to learn the basics of my PC (anything other than sending e-mails or surfing the ‘net is considered ‘advanced’ in this household) you are conquering new territory. Good for you. Before long that dragon will be eating out of your hand.

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