Are Rainy Days Good for Writing?

A protracted period of rainfall seems headed toward the SF Bay Area – again.  Writers abound along the rugged coast from Central California coast north to BC.  This is where for 6-8 months per year drizzly mornings turn into cool, windy days and soggy evenings.

Is this ideal weather for curling up with your laptop to write or what?  Sneaking outdoors this time of year is a challenge.  My dogs and I had to run the last 1/4 mile home a couple of days ago because of a sudden soaking shower during our walk.

Let me know if you are more (like me) or less productive as a writer during inclement weather.


2 Responses to Are Rainy Days Good for Writing?

  1. Weather doesn’t seem to be a big factor in my productivity. My “butt in chair” time is more a function of squeezing in hours after work and fulfilling my other responsibilities.

  2. Ted says:

    On rainy days I find that is easier for me to
    stay indoors. Whether I make it to my writing
    desk and whether I write non-email like stories or
    books when I get there, if, and when I get there,
    are other questions. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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