Progress report – Almost there

Development of a website took a turn for the better when my nephew agreed to create one <> and manage it for me.  He’s had several years experience with websites, and the price is right. I hadn’t known he was in the business.

The latest email from Pete, my “agent,” reported only a few minor tweeks to the cover remain before our final material can be sent to Lightning Source for the actual publishing step.  Will set up the account with them this coming week.  Once Lightning Source arrangements and actual production are accomplished, I guess I can claim being published. From there it’s to’s site for listing.  Other vendors will follow.  Then an e-book version as a second wave is next.  It’s possible to have the paperback version available to friends and family before first of the year, perhaps even earlier. I don’t anticipate wearing my bashful hat once that goal has been reached.



One Response to Progress report – Almost there

  1. chs says:

    I checked out your website, Jack. Is that the final cover? Cool!

    Be sure to post the link when you’re ready to go. I can also add it to your bio, if you like.

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