Inspired by…a Dog?

I expected the obvious things when we adopted a puppy last April.  You know, pee on the carpet, teeth marks on my hands, sleepless nights.  What I didn’t expected was to fall head over heels in love.  I see now why the smitten are compelled to write poems.  Bailey, my crazy aussie/heeler mix, has had the same effect on me.  What I’ve written isn’t poetry exactly.  Nor can they be called haikus.  They do have a theme.  I guess the best description is they are an exploration of the human-dog bond.  In a few of these — for want of a better term — soundbites, there is even a humorous twist at the end. 

 Here is a sample:

Ball in mouth

Head tips down

White rimmed eyes

Like quarter moons, say

Throw it

I’ll bring it back…



Brown puppy-dog eyes

Clear and bright


I’ll stay beside you



Can we go for a walk?


2 Responses to Inspired by…a Dog?

  1. gitta says:

    dogs are definitely one of the greatest gifts God has given human kind 🙂

  2. Susan McClurg Berman says:

    Jill, you have always done good dog descriptions. What you wrote made me want to have a back yard full of dogs . . . again. I just want dogs with a guarantee that they will live longer than I do.

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