October Updates

#5:  Obtaining a web site  – 10/16/10

I had presumed that creating a web site to help promote my book would be simple.  For some, perhaps?  For me, more than intended.  Those I’ve spoken with uniformly recommend that I obtain one.  At this juncture it may appear, if at all, in the distant future.

My preliminary exploration included this criteria – I wanted something reasonably simple, one I could manage and update myself when and if necessary.  Also wanted something inexpensive – under $300 (preferably less) if possible.  My current personal BLOG seemed not the vehicle to promote the book.  Also need one-on-one help/guidance in assembling the layout and features from someone who knows the process.

So far have explored WordPress.com (apparently exclusively for BLOGs), and FatCow.com which seems to have the capability and features I need.  Problem with them is an apparent reluctance to provide some way to TALK with someone there in the know.

Another wrinkle:  I want to use <jackruss.com>. That domain is registered to my nephew (for his son 7 years old – also named Jack).  He’s willing to relinquish control to me.  The mechanics of making the exchange as a 3-way transfer [him to me to the Web Hosting outfit] has encountered barriers. I’m convinced the advice provided when I began this writing pilgrimage was correct: the easy part is writing the story.

#6:  Progress Report – Oct 16, 2010

Email this morning from Pete, my “agent,” reported only a few minor tweeks to the cover remain before our final .pdf file of the story can be sent to LightningSource for the actual publishing step.  From there it’s to Amazon.com’s site for listing.  Other vendors will follow.  Then e-book version as a second wave.  It’s possible to have it available to friends and family before first of the year, perhaps even earlier.


2 Responses to October Updates

  1. Fran Cain says:

    Hi Jack,I started working with GoDaddy a few years ago. At the time, they helped make it easier to move my domain. It can be very confusing. I created my own web site, but I had help from the guys at work to show me how to use PhotoShop and DreamWeaver (now we use Adobe CS). The software we use is pretty pricey and not at all user friendly, and it changes with every upgrade. I set up my blog (kuhilau.blogspot.com) on Google as you did. It is far, far simpler. I believe I might have seen something about using your own domain name for your blogspot blog…but I’m not sure. It’s all very time consuming.

  2. Susan McClurg Berman says:

    Good for you, Jack. You are truly making progress. I look forward to seeing your book.

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