Throwing Away Our History

I worry about our history.

How will our lives be recorded?  Will a survivor find a box of love letters hidden in the back of your linen closet?  Nobody mails letters anymore.  Will someone find a scrapbook of newspaper articles about your campaign to save the rare tarweed from extinction?  Newspapers everywhere have stopped their presses.  Forever.

How are our day-to-day lives documented?  Yes, I know there are thumb drives, CDs, and DVDs to save a ga-jillion mega-computer-doodads.  Will anyone take the time to read what’s on them?  So very easy to throw those little things into the garbage.  Yeah, there’s a computer hard drive that, we are told, is never fully erased.  If you stab it with a flat head screwdriver, soak it in Draino, and then microwave it for three seconds, no one can read it – not even computer geeks.

We want to be ecologically considerate and save the trees.  Our sin against future generations is not hitting the “print” button often enough.  The culprit in the declining record of our history is the over-use of the “delete” button.


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