#3 – What do I call myself?

#3: What do I call myself?

Pete Masterson advised I pick a publisher name, one I’d be doing business as (DBA) since my intention was to have a commercial publishing firm do the actual hands-on printing and distribution work. This need was unexpected, but, I understand is relatively standard. Fortunately I’d learned of the need before my visit to the Livermore library. The Bowker volumes there offered a mind-boggling record of publishers whether or not a DBA firm. Easy enough so far, right?

Pete advised I not use the DBA name I’d used in my earlier consulting work. Also recommended I not use my actual name as part of the DBA name selected. After a few days trying to imagine something catchy, and without noticeable success, I narrowed the list of potential DBA names to about 50. The Bowker listing search cut that number to about twelve. My wife cut it down to 5. The ones we really found attractive were either already in use or had negative regional implications. A coin flip selected “Alamo Hills Press.” It’s now been approved and filed by the Contra Costa County registry as a legitimate (and taxable, I find) doing-business-as (fictitious) name.


2 Responses to #3 – What do I call myself?

  1. I like that name. Good choice!

  2. When my twin and I searched for a joint-venture name for Double Take, our first book, we exhausted most sources. Finally settled on what we have been called all our lives, Carr Twins,and expanded it to Carr Twins & Co. Bowker accepted the title for a block of ISBNs without hesitation.

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