#2 – Is my proposed title unique?

The self-publishing journey involved exploring relatively unknown realms and issues.  Two key element of my story needed to be resolved.  The first, was my intended title unique, or would I run the risk of controversy with some author who had chosen the same title?  Thanks to the multiple search engines available on the web, that search took the better part of a day. It turned out my title was unique so far as the web was concerned.  There were numerous references to “Dangerous Waters” but “In Dangerous Waters” had apparently not been claimed before.

The second stage of the same search involved searching Bowker’s international registry “Books in Print.”  “Just check the library.  They all have copies,” was the advice received from friends.  Not so, in our area at least.  Only the main library in downtown San Francisco, and the new library in Livermore were listed as having copies.  Livermore was closer so problem solved. A simple search of the Bowker collection confirmed that no other author or publisher had duplicated my proposed title as of the 2008 edition, the latest published.


One Response to #2 – Is my proposed title unique?

  1. Susan McClurg Berman says:

    Due diligence in searching out your unique title. Good work, Jack.

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