Susan and The Dollar Store

I love The Dollar Store.  I am glad the nearest one is far away.  If it were closer, I would be there everyday.

Where else can I get colored paper clips for a mere buck?  Why use gray staples when my Dollar Store colored ones are more festive.  Vases?  Every size and shape.  As a confessed ribbon junkie, I am now under a self-imposed moratorium on future ribbon purchases.  Unless, of course, I find something that is too cute to pass up.

I bought our family Christmas cards there for our five kids and four grandchildren.  Unique. glittered and embellished.  Balloons for a party?  Mylar and helium inflated.   A Q-tip is a Q-tip.  Why spend $3.00 for 100 when you can get 400 for $1.00?

Now, there are a few things I would not put on my Best Place to Buy List.  My four-year-old grandson used my Dollar Store small hand trowel to dig for dinosaur bones in our back yard.  It immediately bent in two.  On a whim, I bought a bottle of red wine that tasted like grape flavored calves liver.  I used it to unclog a drain.  The kite strings broke even when there wasn’t any wind.

During my last trip to TDS, while I avoided the ribbon section,  I saw one of the saddest things I have ever seen.  A table piled high with books – fantasy, romance,  mystery,  politics, and religion – all waiting for someone to buy them.  After their hard work, what would the poor author realize from a single dollar sale?  A half-cent?

Customers walked by the table without so much as a glance.  I knew the books longed for someone to pick them up.  I stroked the lonely darlings  as I would a hurt puppy.  There, there, you poor things, I thought.  It’s not your fault.  The quality of your dust  jacket paper is one step up from newsprint.  And, your insides?  Your print bleeds and smudges while your page edges are jagged and uneven.  But, you didn’t do that.  You sweet things.  I dare not open you up all the way as I know I will break your weak spine.

I hope that your authors stay away from The Dollar Store for a while.  Do they know their books, oh horrors, have ended up in the dustbin of retailing?


3 Responses to Susan and The Dollar Store

  1. Wonderful essay. Well done Susan. Dollar stores don’t tempt me, maybe my natural aversion will keep, gasp, my novels from straying there when I get them published.

    • Susan McClurg Berman says:

      Thanks for the comment Jill. I wonder what happens to unsold books these days. Guess they go into the recycle bin. Ugh. What a fate.

      Bailey’s learning to retrieve the newspaper – what a good doggie. So she shakes the paper – there’s nothing to read on the front page anyway.


      Susan McClurg Berman Blog –

  2. Fran Cain says:

    I love the dollar store too!! Not sure why, but I do like getting my wrapping paper and gift bags for cheap…since talk about things destined for the recycle bin!

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