What Would You Give?

I am reading “Three Cups of Tea” by Mortenson and Relin. I am in awe of the sacrifices that Greg Mortenson made in order to build a school for children he didn’t even know. He gave up his girlfriend and all his worldly possessions, even his treasured climbing gear. It got me to thinking about what kind of sacrifices I would be willing to make to get my novels published. Clearly, there are hard lines. I wouldn’t give up my family or my home or my dogs. I also wouldn’t compromise my ability to provide a college education for my children. Would I work 12 hour days? Yep. Would I hop on a plane and take a tortuous red eye flight to wherever I needed to go? Yep.

There are also gray areas where I don’t really have the answers. Would I give up my job? I’ve always appreciated the company’s willingness to allow me to work from home and I bring home a decent salary. It would be hard to find a similar working situation so it would be a difficult choice on whether to give that up. Yet, I wouldn’t hesitate to take a leave of absence, even if it meant losing income. Would I forgo a vacation? Probably. Would I sell treasured possessions? Probably. Part of the problem is that my decisions would affect my entire family. I have to weigh in the costs for them too.
It’s an interesting question to grapple with, so I ask you, what would you give to fulfill your life’s dream?


One Response to What Would You Give?

  1. Susan McClurg Berman says:

    Good question. Please remember Greg Mortenson was a young man when he took on building a school in Afghanistan. He had some level of “drive” from the beginning. Who in their right mind would want to climb K2?? But, that drive carried him to another laudable task. His second book, “Stones into Schools” is also riveting. I’ll loan it to any takers.

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