Julie or Julia or The Naked Gardener?

I am BLOGing in front of a roaring fire this evening.  Most of the country is in the deep freeze, but we fortunate Northern Californians (yes, despite our other calamities, we are still thankful for our mild weather) are enjoying ’60’s and sunshine during the afternoons.  This evening though is chilly and damp.  Our four dogs splay across the hardwood floor as close as they dare to the flames.

I watched Julie/Julia on the TV the other night.  If you have not had a chance to experience this juxtaposition between two aspiring writers, I encourage you to set aside the time.

Julia (Child) is in Paris with her supportive husband lamenting the fact that no good French cookbook has ever been published in English for the American taste buds.  Julie BLOGs in her cramped Brooklyn apartment over the Pizzeria (50 years later of course).  She has decided to make every recipe in JC’s landmark cookbook over 365 days and let the world know the results. The screenplay is masterfully woven from two separate books, and ends with both Julia and Julie experiencing the joy of first authorship, modified by the inexorable pain dealt with along the journey.

This is so like our bi-weekly critique group commiserations about our latest rejection letters, or even worse – no word ATALL.  Yes, this last meeting, we celebrated our small but significant wins with champagne and Christmas treats.  But who is to say when WE will experience the joy of first authorship? Should we ignore these symbolic gestures and keep plugging away?

I, personally like to write more than I like to promote my own writing.  I also like what I write, which for me is  more important than criticisms or platitudes from a host of critics.  And although it is (relatively) cold outside, I enjoy gardening naked (in an organic sense) more than book promotion tours or interview circuits.  I like to stick with the basics – until it hurts.  Is this misguided?  Let me know if you think I am off track.  I promise to respect your input.


One Response to Julie or Julia or The Naked Gardener?

  1. Yes, keep plugging away. Life is full of surprises. If someone had told me last December that I’d get the opportunity to tour Italy or that I’d shed 37 pounds in less than a year, I’d have rolled my eyes.

    Keep writing and share your unique voice – if for no other reason than to aspire to what is possible. I feel very blessed to be a part of WOTJ. You are all special. You are all talented. A stack of rejections and a growing list of non-respondents does not change that fact.

    Happy New Year to all aspiring writers.

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