Some time ago, at the urging of Cindy Luck, I created a BLOG – my first undertaking in this social networking caper.  Haven’t visited it often but that may change.  Check it out at your convenience. You’ll find it at http://captjax.blogspot.com.  Comments welcome.


2 Responses to JAX New BLOG

  1. chs says:

    Hi Jack,

    The address you gave for your blog contains an error and didn’t work. Here is the correct link to
    Jack’s blog

    I don’t have an account on blogspot and so I’ll say here what I would have said there. You’ve got a great story. It may take a bit longer in this ecomony to get your manuscript the attention it deserves. Keep on submitting. We’re pulling for you!

    • jackruss86 says:

      Thanks, Cheryl. Didn’t realize a friend would need all that garbage front and back to find the BLOG. I’m learning, but too slowly it seems. 😉

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